SMHI provides daily forecasts to the general public and societal functions and issues warnings when faced with severe weather events. In April 2021 there will be significant changes in the warning system. SMHIs weather warnings will be impact based and all the warning services will be updated. Impact based weather warnings are designed to let people, businesses, emergency responders and governments know what weather is in store and what the impacts of that weather may be.

More information about impact based weather warnings and the transition to the new warning system.

This documentation can be used to adapt to impact based weather warnings as the present API for weather warnings will be closed in April 2021. Applications that want to benefit from SMHI Open Data Warnings can use this service to retrieve data. Functionality for CAP, version 1.2, will also be provided.

The entry point for the API will be https://opendata-download-warnings.smhi.se/ibww/api/version/1.json. NB! Not yet available! It will be available in april.

For now you can get some test warnings at https://opendata-download-warnings.smhi.se/ibww/test/test_2.json. You can use test_1, test_2, test_3, test_4 and test_5. For more information about the test warnings, see the warnings example page.

Summary of the most important changes

  • New warning levels, Yellow, Orange and Red describing the impact of the expected weather
  • Risk of very severe weather will no longer be provided, instead warnings can be issued up to four days in advance
  • Messages will be issued for
    • Fire risk
    • Risk of water shortage
    • High temperatures
  • New warning for flooding in lakes and streams
  • Validity time and date is stated explicitly
  • The warning area (geographical area) is described by a polygon or a line
  • The summary text for all warnings (Message) is no longer provided
  • Descriptions are provided in more detail for each warning


The API also provides the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) standard. You can get more information about the standard.


SMHI Open Data API is published under these Terms and conditions.