This level represents a Period in the API. Here you can find links to the actual Data. Make sure to check the updated timestamp which indicates if new Data is available. If the timestamp is the same as the last time you requested Data, then there is no use downloading it again.

GET /api/version/{version}/parameter/{parameter}/station/{station}/period/{period}.{ext}
GET /api/version/{version}/parameter/{parameter}/station-set/{stationSet}/period/{period}.{ext}


{period} One of four Periods. Valid values are latest-hour, latest-day, latest-months or corrected-archive. Notice that all Stations do not have all four Periods so make sure to check which ones are available in the Period level.
{station} Numeric value. Available Stations are listed in the Parameter level.
{stationSet} Lexical value. Available Station Sets are listed in the Parameter level. Valid value is all which is the set of station that has data for the latest hour.
{parameter} Numeric value. Available Parameters are listed in the Version level.
{version} Numeric value or latest. Try to use the Version with the highest number instead of the Version titled latest.
{ext} The suffix specifying which mediatype to use. See mediatypes for more information.


Example request and response for the Period level in different mediatypes. This response in not complete for the sake of readability.

GET /api/version/1.0/parameter/1/station/35056/period/corrected-archive.atom

GET /api/version/1.0/parameter/1/station/35056/period/corrected-archive.xml

GET /api/version/1.0/parameter/1/station/35056/period/corrected-archive.json