PTHBV is a database containing daily values of temperature and precipitation over Sweden since 1961. The main purpose of the database is input for hydrological modeling. For more information (in Swedish), see Kunskapsbanken.

Applications that want to benefit from SMHI Open Data PTHBV can use this service to retrieve data. The Entry point is located at https://opendata-download-metanalys.smhi.se. The data is returned as mediatype application/json (JSON). All times are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

As an example, to get an analysis at a point near SMHI, Norrköping,https://opendata-download-metanalys.smhi.se/api/category/pthbv1g/version/1/geotype/multipoint/from/2022/to/2023/period/monthly/data.json?epsg=4326&ll=16.158,58.5812&var=p&var=t, can be used.


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