Here you can find all district views.

GET /api/version/2/districtviews/{type}/.{ext}


{type} Specifying which area type to get districts for. Can be all, land or sea.
{ext} The suffix specifying which mediatype to use. See mediatypes for more information.


In every district_view element there is an id element. The id value matches the areaDesc element in the alert element in the published Alerts.

CAP description

This is the most important objects you can find in every districtview element.

Element with example Description
The unique id of this district.
The district category. Can be "sea" or "land".
The name of this district.
<point>POINT(55.9 12.6)</point>
The "center" point of this district.
<polygon>POLYGON((56.274042 12.497408,56.250845 [...]))</polygon>
An "exact" representation of the district.


Example request and response for the /api/version/2/districtviews/{type} level in different mediatypes. This response in not complete for the sake of readability.

GET /api/version/2/districtviews/land


GET /api/version/2/districtviews/land.xml

GET /api/version/2/districtview/land.json