Applications that want to benefit from SMHI Open Data Warnings can use this service to retrieve data. The Entry point is located at https://opendata-download-warnings.smhi.se/api/version/2.


The API is based on the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) standard. You can get more information about the standard at http://docs.oasis-open.org/emergency/cap/v1.2/CAP-v1.2-os.html.

The most important information about Alerts, Messages, Districtviews can be found in each individual page.


The API is based on two primary mediatypes, XML and JSON.

If no suffix is specified then XML is used as the default mediatype. The CAP standard is based on XML. The JSON responses are directly converted from the XML.

Extension Mediatype Resources Comment
XML application/xml Api, Alerts, Messages, Districtviews This is the default mediatype for all resources. If no suffix is specified in the request to these resources, then XML is used.
JSON application/json Api, Alerts, Messages, Districtviews


SMHI Open Data API is published under these Terms and conditions.